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*** This contest is closed for submissions for 2010. Make sure to check back with us soon to find out who the winner is. Good luck next year! ***

The rules listed below apply to My Website Bites! 2010: A Contest for Ugly Websites, presented on www.mywebsitebites.com and owned by Wilmington Design Company, LLC. Questions, concerns or comments about these rules can be directed to contest@mywebsitebites.com.

1. HOW TO ENTER: To be eligible to win the prize as indicated on the PRIZE page, entrants must correctly fill out the Registration, verify their e-mail address and submit the URL of an existing website. All areas of the form must be completed in full and entries must be received by December 1, 2010. Those who provide false information will automatically be disqualified from entry.

2. ELIGIBILITY: My Website Bites! 2010: A Contest for Ugly Websites is open to residents of the 48 contiguous United States of America. Entrants must be at least 18 years of age (with the exception of employees of a submitted company). The submitted URLs must be for an existing website (prior to the start of this contest), and the domain name must be owned by the named company. The site must be live and accessible. Blogs, social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, etc.), adult content sites, and eBay/e-commerce community sites are not eligible to win.

3. PRIZES: Value of prizes is approximately that shown on the PRIZE page. Prize cannot be refunded and is not transferable or convertible to cash. Prizes may not be exactly as shown or indicated. Wilmington Design Company, LLC reserves the right to substitute any prize with an alternate prize of equal value.

4. SELECTION OF WINNER & NOTIFICATION: Winners will be selected either by jury vote or a combination of jury vote and public vote. Only the top 10 winning participants will be notified by email and/or phone. It must be possible to notify and identify the submitted website's primary owner or named company of being a top selected website in order to be eligible to win. Occasionally, Wilmington Design Company, LLC will send special offers via e-mail to any contest participants.

5. CLAIMING OF PRIZES: Winners will be announced on or around December 15, 2010. Prizes will be awarded at date: TBA. Prize winners must be able and willing to cooperate with Wilmington Design Company, LLC in order to redesign their winning website.

6. PRIVACY: All entries submitted become the property of Wilmington Design Company, LLC. By submitting an entry, you are granting your permission to use your name, business name, a screenshot of your website, your URL and a brief description of your business as written by you on the www.mywebsitebites.com, www.wilmingtondesignco.com websites and any Wilmington Design Company, LLC e-mail newsletters. By submitting your entry, you are also granting Wilmington Design Company, LLC to use, in any aggregate manner, any information that you supply for demographic purposes. However, your address and contact information is kept strictly confidential. Wilmington Design Company, LLC will e-mail contest entrants directly pertaining to the contest entered. By entering the contest, you are granting Wilmington Design Company, LLC permission to email you in this manner, to notify you of winning, and/or to notify you of possible problems with your entry or other concerns that Wilmington Design Company, LLC deems necessary at our discretion. Since this is an open contest to the public, Wilmington Design Company, LLC cannot be held responsible for any false entries.

7. RIGHTS: Wilmington Design Company, LLC reserves the right to revise, cancel or close this contest at any time. Wilmington Design Company, LLC reserves the right to prohibit entry from any person who we believe to be abusing these rules. Abuse includes, but not limited to: entering multiple times, voting multiple times on a single entry and entering false information. We realize that mistakes occur, and make every effort to ensure that our contests are run in a fair manner. As such, we make an effort to contact people who are banned in order to explain what has occurred and to facilitate communication. However, sometimes this is not possible. If you have been banned and wish to discuss the situation, please contact contest@mywebsitebites.com.

8. ODDS OF WINNING: Odds of winning are dependent on the total number of entries received.

9. TECHNICAL ERRORS: Wilmington Design Company, LLC cannot be held responsible for technical failures on the part of contest software or human error which could result in inaccurate postings and notifications. Wilmington Design Company, LLC is also not responsible for email notifications that are rejected or do not reach a contest winner. Wilmington Design Company, LLC reserves the right to cancel My Website Bites! 2010: A Contest for Ugly Websites at any time.

10. Contest is subject to all applicable Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws.

11. These rules are subject to change without notice.